• Basic Manners I & II

    The goal of manners I is to instruct handlers how to teach their dogs commands and skills so they become well-behaved, life- long companions. Emphasis is placed on developing a positive relationship between dog and handler, using motivation and praise. We will focus on attention (the foundation of all training), Moving Attention, Greeting People & Dogs Politely, Solid Sit Stay & Down Stays, Heeling, Recall, (coming when called), Leave - it. Manners II proofs Basic Manners I. Off leash heeling, Greeting People & Dogs Politely, Solid Sit Stay & Down w/time & distractions, Recall, (coming when called), Leave - it.  Weeks 4-6 are field trips.

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    Agility is a sport in which a dog demonstrates its agile nature and versatility by overcoming different obstacles. It is a game of physical skill, control, patience and teamwork between handler and dog. It strengthens the bond between dog and owner. Agility courses usually consist of tunnels, jumps, tire jump, pause table, weave poles and contact obstacles, which include the a-frame, dog-walk, and see-saw. These classes are geared towards competition.

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    Puppy Kindergarten

    Studies have shown that between 8-16 weeks (a critical learning and social period), your pup should be exposed to as many positive experiences as possible. We focus on providing opportunities for puppies to develop social skills and manners with both dogs and people. Puppy k covers sit, down, stand, stay, come, off, leave-it, take-it,and leash etiquette. Other common management issues also covered housebreaking, biting, chewing, jumping, handling and barking. The AKC S.T.A.R. certification is included.

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    Behavior Problems

    Is your dog suffering from separation anxiety? Does your dog have a history of biting? Is your dog anxious and nervous and lacks the skills to navigate a through a busy city? Are walks becoming a burden due to your dogs unruling reactive behavior?

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    Dogs & Children

    Whether you are bringing a newborn baby home from the hospital, buying a new puppy for your child, bringing home a new pet to co-habitate with a current pet, or simply need help selecting a new puppy or dog, a pet adaptation lesson can make your life transition easier with professional guidance.

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    Dog aggression is a complex topic that requires experience and skill to address it successfully.

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  • Personal Trainer for You and Your Dog Welcome to Tail Waggin' Dog Training. Our style of dog training is a practical, positive, relationship-focused approach that provides lasting results. No matter the breed, age, or behavior issue, we can help! Behavior consulting for aggression, fear and anxiety; puppy development; and basic & advanced obedience.

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