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    Puppies 2-4 ½ mos. 6 Week sessions. Studies have shown that between the ages of two months and four and a half months (the socialization period), your puppy should be exposed to as many positive experiences as possible. We focus on providing opportunities for puppies to develop social skills and manners with both dogs and people. This class will teach you and your puppy basic commands such as sit, down, stand, stay, come, off, leave-it, take-it, and leash etiquette. Other common management issues also covered include: housebreaking, jumping, chewing, and mouthing & handling. The AKC S.T.A.R. certificate is included. For more information visit: S.T.A.R

    We welcome small breed puppies to Puppy Kindergarten and our sensitive to their needs.  We keep them separated from larger breed puppies during playtime.  We consider dogs that will be under 25 pounds when full grown to be small breed.

    What to bring – Collar, 6 foot leash and treats.

    NO choke, pinch, electronic collars or retractable leashes.