• Heather's love of dogs really shows in the training and handling your dog and yourself will receive in her classes. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her knowledge of positive reinforcement training techniques is very impressive. My dogs and I have a great quality of life due in large part the Heather's help.

    R. Piquette

  • Brutus and I loved having private classes in our own home. Heather was always on time and well prepared to teach us. Walking Brutus is now a dream instead of the nightmare it was before. Thanks Heather!!

    Clem Fiskus

  • After completing puppy training and basic manners, Ticonderoga and myself utilize Heather's drop in classes thru the C.C. Kennel Club when we have "selective" memory loss about the things we learned. I think it's more like myself slacking off and creating bad habits. We just drop in and get right back on track. Great option.

    Stu MacDonald

  • Heather is a gem!


  • When we signed up for puppy kindergarten I had absolutely not a clue about how much I was going learn. We then completed basic manners I & II also. It's quality dog and owner training for sure. I'm proud to have such a well behaved dog and we show off our skills everywhere we can.

    Shameus and Skeeter

  • Hi Heather Just wanted to say that I appreciate the way you are with dogs as they are all different. You know them and listen to them. It is a long drive for us at night but well worth it Thanks for being a great trainer

    Cordelia and Paulette